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McNally Family Farm

We are a family run farm, certified organic for over 20 years since 1998. We specialise in growing a large variety of vegetables, herbs, salads, roots and fruits. We challenge ourselves to grow something new every year, and with the help of customers we find more and more interesting vegetables.

We have a 77 acre farm with 10 acres dedicated to growing anything hardy enough to grow outside, rotating the ground every few years - Brassicas, Root veg, potatoes etc. We have, at the moment, around 50 PolyTunnels covering 2/3 acres for everything else - Salads, Spinach, Herbs - and in the summer Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Beans, Gherkins, Peppers etc.

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McNally Family Farm


McNally Family Farm

In August 1997 we started trading in Temple Bar Food Market with a small range of produce. Since then, with the help of our customers, fellow food producers & friends, we have expanded into growing a wide range of vegetables, salads, herbs & fruit. All of which we sell ourselves, directly to our customers.

We now trade at:
Friday : Naomh Olaf GAA Club, Stillorgan
Saturdays: Temple Bar Food Market & Glasnevin Food Market

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Our Farm Shop is open:
Wednesday to Friday: 09:00 to 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 to 16:00

Naomh Olaf GAA Market is open:
Friday: 08:00 to 12:00

Temple Bar Market is open:
Saturday: 09:30 to 15:30

Glasnevin Food Market
Saturday: 09:00 to 14:00

You can shop online for collection at The Farm Shop, Naomh Olaf GAA Market, Temple Bar Market & Glasnevin Food Market

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  • The Farm Shop
  • Temple bar
  • Naomh Olaf GAA
  • Glasnevin Food Market

Opening Times
Wednesday to Friday: 09:00 to 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 to 16:00

Balrickard, Co. Dublin, K32 RW08

Our Farm

McNally Family Farm

Nature Dictates

Working with the seasons means constantly adapting and changing. A slightly mild winter can have a big effect on early Spring. A cold Spring can have the same effect on Summer. A tomato crop that came in in May of one year can come in Late July of the next. Saying that a particular veg is "in season" in Ireland is difficult to do. When nature decides it's ready, or not, that's when it's in season. In 2010 we were still harvesting & selling tomatoes at Christmas, whereas a few years previous there was none after August.

Over the years we have managed to hone a few practices, and with the help of PolyTunnels and careful variety selection we are able to grow salads, spinach and kale all year round. Everything else is ready when it's ready!

McNally Family Farm

A (Rough) Seasonal Guide


Spinach-Cress-Dandelion-Greens-Catalogna Leaves-Chard-Mustard-Leaves-Sunflower Shoots-Pea Shoots-Wheatgrass-Winter Purslane-Rocket-Spicy Leaf Mix-Mixed Lettuce-Lambs Lettuce-Green Kale-Red Kale-Black Kale-Collard Greens-Potatoes-Cauliflower-Broccoli-Cabbage-Red Cabbage-Parsnips-Carrots-Heritage Carrots-Beetroot-Leeks-Brussel Sprouts-Scallions-Herbs-Radish-Celeriac-Parsley Root-Flower Sprouts-Kohlrabi-Swedes.


Spinach-Cress-Dandelion Leaves-Catalogna Leaves-Chard-Mustard-Sunflower Shoots-Pea Shoots-Wheatgrass-Rocket-Spicy Leaf Mix- Mixed Lettuce-Celery-Kale-Coriander-Chicory Leaves- Texel Greens-Sorrel- Spring Greens- Nettles-Pak Choi- Endive Lettuce- Rhubarb- Cabbage-Scallions-Choy Sum.


Spinach-Cress-Dandelion Greens-Catalogna Leaves-Chard-Mustard Leaves-Sunflower Shoots-Pea Shoots-Wheatgrass-Summer Purslane-Rocket-Spicy Leaf Mix- Mixed Lettuce- Lambs Lettuce-Lettuce Heads-Green Kale-Black Kale-Red Kale- Sorrel-Garlic-Onions-Fennel-Scallions- Kohlrabi-Mangetout- Herbs- Broccoli-Swedes-Potatoes-Gooseberries-Purple Sprouting Broccoli-Cabbage-Climbing Beans-Runner Beans-Broad Beans-Edamame Beans-Peas- Redcurrants-Blackcurrants-Green Peppers-Chillies-Cauliflower-Basil-Cucumbers-Gherkins-Cucamelons-Padron Peppers-Shishito Peppers- Courgettes-Tomatoes-Cherry Tomatoes-Heritage Tomatoes-Tomatillos-Physalis-Romanesco.


Apples - Sorrel-Mixed Lettuce Leaves- Spinach- Cress- Collard Greens- Mustard Leaves- Rocket- Spicy Leaf Mix- Catalogna Leaves- Dandelion Leaves- Green Kale-Black Kale-Red Kale-- Cabbage- Beetroot- Sunflower Shoots-Pea Shoots-Wheatgrass- Carrots -Heritage Carrots- Swedes- Potatoes - Red Cabbage- Pumpkins- Squash-Leeks- Cauliflower- Scallions.

McNally Family Farm